New gear that really works!

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Gear cranking abuse is what I do best!


Pro Locks and Edge Oar shafts:

Pro Loks getting it done

Pro Loks getting it done

Cant say enough about these two combined products. As themselves there really a great addition and serve a purpose for me as a guide on the water so many days a year. the Oar Locks I feel are the best boating addition since the Anchor was invented. They alone produce better rowing stability and maneuverability. The reduced friction and never squeaking are a bonus.  Having the connection cable I feel will be an additional safety item by reducing the loss of a paddle. Combined they are the best solution for aging shoulders and for those planning on rowing thousands of oar strokes a year. If I had these when I was 18 and starting off my river rowing career, pain level today would be far less. It was not that long ago I considered giving up the rowers position due to a torn tendon in my fore arm and chronic shoulder pain. These came along just in time! Best product of the year in my book.                                    Contact: Dan @  Pro Locks

good gear

Simms bags, Costa glass, Cheeky reels stuffed cliff box’s, Rio lines and Varsity Spey Rods..








BC Chinook

Cheeky Fly Reels;

When they first came onto the market I was skeptical as I am with everything NEW. I have been using these for all of my fishing for over 18 months. Including adventure angling for everything FAST and hard fighting, Roosters and Dorado have been no match. I subjected them to Washington largest Chinook run in decades and northern BC Chinook runs on the Skeena boasting the largest Steelhead and Salmon on the continent. Absolutely zero problems! Next season we will be testing on the bad ass GT of Christmas Island. I think there up to the challenge!                                 Contact: Cheeky Fly Reels or your local fly shop!



Ascension bay Baby Tarpon

Simms sun gloves:

When I opened these up from the package last March I instantly bought another pair thinking they would not possibly last four weeks in Mexico. Here I am into the Yakima Trout season and they still hold up even with the big sticks in hand. A surprisingly great product for Simms fly fishing. still have the second pair in the package! Contact your local fly shop view at Simms fly fishing.



The proof is in the puddin…525 IFLIGHT w/ ten foot T14,,this fish ate the first 1/4 swing in the middle of the river!

Iflight Spey line from Rio: 

After buying the Flight heads that are now gathering dust I was very skeptical about these and would have never even looped one on had it not been for Marlin Roush coming the Bogy House Lodge as a guest last spring. He brought a few prototype products and had these included. I matched one up to my favorite Varsity Spey rod and commenced throwing bombs that dredged the fastest of runs. I was able to fish spots that I passed up before knowing I could not get deep enough or slow enough to fish properly. The lines cast great too, the taper was not a problem for heavy heads and they produce a quick load I like for fishing tough wades and real sexy steelhead water so often passed up by most. I feel they are the real deal improvement to Spey fishing steelhead. I am sold for sure and have since loaded a full sort into my everyday pack. In fact not one Spey angler left this season without fishing one as it has become as important as the sink tip itself!                           Contact your local fly shop view products at Rio fly lines