May Playtime

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Olympic Peninsula steelhead Brazdas fly fishing

Shortly after winter spring steelhead season I wander off to do some fun fishing in the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California Sur, or simply East cape as the Rooster aficionado angler calls it. The Yucatan trip to Ascension bay was plagued with high winds and not so enthusiastic tarpon. I did manage a few fish and presented to a couple willing Permit but beyond that our good fortune was limited to the fantastic service at La Pescadora Lodge in Punta Allen.

20140510-IMG_5802Jose the head guide is the next level individual that understands more about the area’s Permits than the Permits do themselves! I will just have to call a do over on this one, already have my dates on the calendar!Yucatan Fly fishing hosted trip with brazdas fly fishing

East Cape fished very well for us with the Dorado bite on pretty much daily. The Roosters were far and few in between and really only seen a couple for the short work we offered on them. I fell off the high horse and went trolling a day and did pretty damn well with a few Wahoo, a Marlin that followed us for a mile and Dorado that came running from a hundred yards to crash our baits. Its the damdest thing we could see them leaping from the left or right and attack our trolled offering. It is something that is as exciting as skating a dry over the sweet spot.


Our friend the 10 foot shark

I learned more this season than the last five, some real fish catching experience that will be useful for the years to come. Basically why I love going to new places, the learning curve is fundamentally the game.

Back to reality and the trout fishing world on the Yakima River…that will be in the next posting, Yakima River Drakes, the time is now!

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– Jeff Brazda