Mayflies on the Yakima

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Jumping from grasp

Jumping from grasp

Every season there’s a timeline between the March Browns in April, (yes they start heavy in April they apparently don’t pay any attention to a calendar at all) and July 10 or so that we have mayflies every day to some degree. Above the Thorp bridge this may detail five different sizes from PMD’s to full on Green Drakes of the ginormous category. Below its a PMD/Batis/Ephioris factory (probably some spell error there)..Anyway you get the idea we have mayflies. The intensity of the hatch follows all the usual weather with the Yakima wind thrown in the cast  can become treacherous. Matching the drift of a wind skated fly,,,not so easy!

Luckily I have my choice of weekdays to go fishing and watch the weather for partial to full clouds and light wind, pretty easy these days living were I do, literally look out the front deck and see,,,My hillbilly weather rock blew away last month so I am resorting to alternate methods.

Grey compara dun

One of the best times this last week was encountering a grey drake hatch of about size 8…I just so happened to have a few left in my box from 30 years ago when I tied about ten dozen for a trip to the Henry’s Fork that never happened. Here it is shown in the same vice I tied it in, had to go into the antique fly gear display and hook it up..Whoa that’s hard to think about, when we start putting out younger years fishing gear in the antique display.

Either way get out and get onto some of the seasons best dry fly fishing right here at home.

Thanks for the memories Grandpa….