Never take it for granted…

After a life time of fishing I have learn to stop and slow down, engulf ourselves in the best fishing when it is happening...For a week now I have been catching Salmon and Steelhead in the amounts I only remember in my dreams of great places like Alaska, or Kamchatka..I have been fishing for the pure enjoyment of catching fish in places that we have never caught them, I am passing up great water to search for and find steelhead away from the salmon. In small hide holes sticking to themselves staying out of the runs that are choked with Chinook. We are finding a fare share as well as the incidental Chinook that seem to be on every rock. With this full moon the deck is shuffling at night and whole sections of river that are fishing at the NORMAL rate seem empty in comparison to the best fishing areas. There is some rain in the forecast we will see what happens, I can only hope it just the right amount.. Today I stopped to take some pictures, forcing myself to shoot the one presently in the net not the next one... If you want your best shot at the fishing of a lifetime call 253-307-3210 or better yet as cell is not so good, EM Dates available through November....Thanks for subscribing,,Jeff Brazda  

Its a run of a lifetime!

The one that did not get away... Back in 2008 and 2009 Washington state had a steelhead run that doubled any run I had seen since 1985. That went into my memory as the best of the best. In 1985 I landed well over 300 steelhead myself as an individual angler. In 2009 I was amazed at what we seen for fall steelhead runs, I had never seen so many since '85 and now I was fishing every day, with two anglers fly fishing, the numbers were astounding. Ever since that season I thought I would never see '09 numbers again. Well its starting to happen again, this year with Salmon, Chinook Salmon to be exact. The predictions will actually be right, I am always skeptical until I see it. "I seen it last week!"  Swing flies for Chinook: Most of all "LARGE" and with a combination of flash, pink, chartreuse, blue, black or purple....and Hold on as when they eat it you know it! I posted these elsewhere recently but will show them again:             Book a trip now "Lodging Special" fall time has open dates: 253-307-3210 or Thanks for subscribing, Jeff